The local Hedge is known as The Knot. It is a huge island surrounded by a seemingly endless ocean. At the center is its highest peak, a great mountain from which the rest of the of land mass slopes downward in various grades of descent.  Much of the hedge here superficially resembles a primordial Big Sur.

Hunting trails, paved roads and twisted rail tracks zig zag and over lap each other likes a hundred strands of rope thus giving the local thorns its name. Villages, half hidden Hollows and crumbling ruins cling to peaks or are covered by the giant trees. A talented hedge scout could travel from one end of the Knot to the other in a few days. The less fortunate are rarely heard from again.

While many…things make their way along the tracks the most well known sight is the copper freight train belonging to the Kepersalt Company. Two known Trods cut through the Knot. One out into the water once traveled by savvy goblin sailors to the Freehold across the mortal bay. It is mostly abandoned since the strange Miasma swallowed the Santa Cruz lost, at least as far as The Pecus Cabal is aware.

  The second is buried in the heart of the mountain and for those who brave the darkness doors marked by candlelight lead out into exotic locales as far north as Alaska and as far south as Peru.


Other Known Locations

Conch Fritter Ferry

Villa de Croicaz

La Casa de las Monedas Malditas


Archived Gates

Goblin Fruits


Mermaid Lollies



Gilley Weed

Hobs and their ilk

Dark Watchers


The Ghost of Evas





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