House of the Gull

Ruled by the cunning and ruthless Gristlegrinder King Heinrich Carter. Known for his voracious appetites and overwhelming siege tactics. He bears especial enmity for King Fischer and the House of the Serpent in general.

The Summer court claims it territory as Marina, Prunedale and Salinas. Marked the red and orange tabard bearing the Gull. They command powerful influence in local Law Enforcement and command criminal ties inferior only to the House of the Seal.

The House of the Gull is the second most populous court with about twenty sworn members. A modest few Hollows in the Hedge, the strongest presence in the thorny waters with two ships harbored in the hedge. The Ms Kitty and the Prowler.


Notable Courtiers

La Professore

A Fog Elemental named Stotch. He is the King's right hand man and a constant target for his abuse. Resilient and loyal when roused to fury his wrath burns bright enough to dismiss any doubts his fellow Summer soldiers may have.

Captain Howl

A Swimmerskin Beast with a mouth full of needle sharp teeth and rubbery flesh that always seems moist no matter how long he stays out of water. He is in charge of the Hedge Navy such as it is and is always looking for opportunities to expand the fleet. Howl was making secret overtures to the House of the Serpent hoping to profit from their hedge ties and potent magics but when King Heinrich discovered this he ate the Captain's left arm to just above the elbow.


House of the Gull

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