House of the Hound

Ruled by King Marsh a Fog elemental who has never been defeated in single combat. Local lore suggests the loss of his great love spurns him in the conflict. Uttering her name never goes unpunished by the Spring court.

The surplus of wealth is a byproduct of the Spring courts influence who claim Carmel, Monterey and Pebble beach as their territory. Marked by the azure and emerald colored tabard bearing the image of a noble Hound.

The Spring court is the second most populous and certainly the most powerful. The most powerful families owe some debt to the pledge craft of the Antler Crown and because of their sway reaches far and wide. Eighteen courtiers make up the House of the Hound.

King Marsh's hedge bounty wealth is envied by many within and without his court. One can find no sweeter goblin fruit or no finer gossamer craft than that produced by the Spring. This allows King Marsh to employ the more Hob servants and mercenaries then any other court. This stands at the strongest ground forces in the Knot but Spring boasts no vessels on the thorny sea. Prized among them is the Wine stained Legion.

Notable Courtiers


It is a well known secret that this particular Muse was once the King's lover. What almost no one knows is what she and King Fischer did to betray King Marsh. This and her desire to claim the Antler throne, one she might actually realize causes a schism in the Spring court.

Chef Burheart

This Ogre boasts two knighthoods. Firstly as his King's preeminent champion and of the Order of the Knowledge of the Tongue. The latter is surprising to most aware of the appetites of the Corpsegrinder kith. Lacking much formal education the Chef's talents are nonetheless quietly praised by an elite clientele. One of the sturdiest pillars of influence within the Freehold.

House of the Hound

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