House of the Seal

Ruled by King McCormick the undying, a Palewraith notorious for his ability to survive any attempt on his life. The cunning drifter has negotiated no conflict pacts with each of the other great courts. Allowing the Winter court to focus all of its attention on the Iron Empire's invasion.

Marked by the black and gray tabards bearing the image of a white Seal. The Winter court officially only holds Moss Landing but it is believed they have sway all over the peninsula. The least populous court with only nine Courtiers. Winter is well known to be the masters of the peninsula underworld whatever other influence they might have in the mortal world ties to those kinds of favors and blackmail.

It is generally unknown what if any holdings the House of the Seal has in the Hedge. It is also believed that Winter has no boats in the water.

Notable Courtiers

The Knight of Ash

The guardian of Moss Landing and thus the borders of his Houses holdings. He is an elemental of sludge and smoke who tends to watch from high above the stacks ready to rain poisoned arrows on those who would trespass. No one is sure of his name but some have heard him called Token.

The Knight of Oak

Henry should have died in his bed some decades past but he was taken to a forest where he was planted with rows of those at death's door. The old man now serves as Winter's spymaster riding the buses around the peninsula on schedule only he knows.

House of the Seal

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