House of the Serpent

Ruled by King Kyle Fischer, a pious Woodwalker. Due to his wise counsel the House of the Serpent suffers the least Clarity loss as a whole. It is rumored that long ago he and King Marsh were as close as brothers. Now he and the House of the Hound have no alliances.

Marked by the gray and brown tabards with orange on the edges bearing the image of the Serpent. The Autumn court claims the Carmel Highlands and the Carmel valley as far south as Tassajara. They are known to have powerful allies in the Catholic and Jewish churches as well as the various academic institutions. 

The House of the Serpent counts sixteen Changelings among themselves. The most influence in Hedge they have a Court headquarters known for its majesty and powerful magics. It appears as a lordly manor house floating on an island just wide enough to bear it that circles the Knot. Through their motley of Submariner changelings they have no small amount of sway in Underside.

Notable courtiers

Doctor Basil 

A fairest crowned in stardust, shrouded in mystery and equipped with a surprising amount of resources. He is the leader of the Submariners who serve as the less than traditional naval forest for the Leaden Mirror. He was also one of the designers behind the island manor that serves as flotilla and sanctuary for his house.

Brother Ike

A golem carved from clay who helps coordinate influence among the mortal faith. He has obvious Jewish leanings but has his fingers in many churches. Their are rumors that Ike is in fact the King's baby brother but neither will confirm or deny this.

House of the Serpent

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