Kepersalt Company

The goblin market in the Hedge takes the form of a rickety five car steam engine locomotive. It stops for clients only as far as any one knows and the source of its wares remains a mystery. Prospective buyers can barter, browse and even negotiate in the food car but when their business is concluded the train stops it's neckbreak speed and lets them off, never near when it picked them up mind you. 

The merchant hobs take a variety of shapes all stuffed behind their tables hawking their wares. Two Hobs stand out as managers of the operation, Mr.Vanderblip and Mr.Connelfeather. Both attired in Victorian English garb, monocle included. Mr.Vanderblip is a walrus stuffed into his suit with a feverish fascination for modern trinkets. Mr.Connerlfeather is a walking gumball machine filled with pocket watches, he is known to be open to bribes in the form of intangible things but dreams most of all.

The Kepersalt company is first, foremost and only a marketplace. Any foolish Lost trying to utilize the train as simple transport is viciously attacked and forced out without hesitation. The head car is off limits to anyone not employed by the company though it is whispered that rule breakers are sent here to plead their cases with the conductor.

The second car is dedicated to physical wares such as tokens but the odd real world rarity does show up from time to time. The third car is dedicated to intangible magic which mostly consists of Goblin contracts but also includes a memory merchant. The fourth car is the food car where one can purchase refreshments but also hosts some farmers who sell in goblin fruit in a variety of forms. The last car is a poorly kept secret for here is the black market section. The usual rules against violence are suspended here.

The laws of the market are streamlined. No stealing, no violence, no refunds, you pay for whats advertised. Most payment accepted in the train is the same as any other market. The only unique trade good is the Knot's Stagecoin.

Kepersalt Company

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