La Casa de las Monedas Malditas

One of the easiest landmarks in the Knot and also one of the hardest to escape. A gambling house of ill repute. Guests are greeted with the cloying haze of sawdust, bubblegum and gin hanging in the air. The outer walls are lined with the flashing lights and electronic sounds coming from arcade games and pinball machines that greedily eat hand carved wooden nickels.

As one moves closer to the center the games spread out to tables and the wagers become more severe. Cards, dice and more alien markers zig zag the tables as workers hastily scrub away the tears and blood before the next set of players arrive. A lanky Hob struts between games leaning on his living wolf's head cane, dazzling the patrons with a stitched on smile. This is the Straw Baron the proprietor, rumored to be undefeated in the rare challenges he accepts.

Above the din of the games is a circle of rooms where you can negotiate for some temporary company with crab legged Mother Pram. Her girls are a strange and unsettling amalgamation of beautiful and otherworldly features hurled together seemingly at random. The working girls dress in loose t-shirts and neon shorts from the eighties.

The two Hobs refuse to side with any of the Great Courts politics but have been known to hire the odd Lost for their own means. The laws of their establishment are viciously enforced by a gang of ageless children called the Rotten who wander the Casa ready to pounce on cheaters and thieves.

La Casa de las Monedas Malditas

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