Beneath the Knot, literally the flip side of the known hedge is an alien landscape lit by neon emanating from strange coral, algae and kelp that pulse green, yellow and pink against the abyss black backdrop. Legendary monsters stalk the Underside, swim just above it in the sky above (below?) and zip through as they launch themselves from the sea and desperately try to escape into the wet.

   Though it is under the sea and beneath the island there is air. One walks on the ground even though their is no reason that would explain how they could balance upside down. It is a hidden place valued for many of the same reasons that make it so dangerous. The inhabitants are composed of hobs born from modern fairy tales, aliens. The fear and wonder has spawned tales of Grays, Lizard people, beings of pure light and other stranger breeds. These extraterrestrials live in crashed space vessels or futuristic cottages arranged awkwardly between the gray stone and aquatic foliage that waft in unseen currents.

   Their are two ways to get to Underside. First find a path in the Knot and follow it around the island. But the paths are secret and treacherous. One wrong step and you drown. The second is to swim below until the reach the "sky" and make your way to the above/below floor. But save for a few kiths not many Changelings know the proper magics to survive the journey and so they either drown or miscalculate their entry and fall to their deaths paradoxically.

   But there is no better place to study strange magics and wrest secret knowledge otherwise unheard of.

Things of Interest

Marv the Martian

A proud warrior with countless victories against an unnamed foe who decimated his world. He has maps for many places in the hedge. Often to the dismay of the parties who went to any length to hide them. He prefers to trade in glory. Trophies from victories are his favorite but witnessing legitimate duels also piques his fancy.


A ball of light from the stars of Orion. He is a scrap collector who has many unique pieces used for hedge spinning. He prefers to deal in Virtue when he can as he says it helps him survive in this strange world. He will also take scrap for scrap. A devout believer in Bergum's prophecy.


Menacing figures from abduction myth. They seem to possess a great deal of medicinal knowledge though its a stretch to call them healers. They are known to know alot about token limbs and fetches. They trade in memories when they trade at all but also have been known to take parts of the organic variety in payment.

The Citadel

  Owned by a rotund hairball named Blergh this place is a bar where secrets are traded over drinks. Blergh takes coin or time on the stage. Talent is of no matter as shame and ridicule are as welcome as a well played tune.

Gary the Astronaut 

  A lizardman who swears he works for NASA. A rambling lunatic who harasses people for drinks and an open ear. Rumors say Gary knows many secrets of the monsters who dwell around the edges of Underside but no one to date has had the patience to sit through his conspiracy theories long enough to prove it.


​​​​​​​    Their is a prophecy that Bergum will raise a shipyard like no other and free the trapped aliens of Underside. It is whispered with reverence by many of the alien hobs who dwell their but the issue remains that Bergum is a little hob boy. Less then a foot tall, barely able to speak and composed of what appears to be large strips of unchewed bubble gum. 


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